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    Sujing Purification Group is the Key national High-Tech & innovative pilot enterprise; It is the largest new and high technology enterprise which is specialized in technology innovation and equipment manufacturing. It provides overall project solutions in the fields of air purification, energy saving, environmental protection and gas purification.

    Focusing on the science and technology, sticking to the way of self-renovation, Sujing Group now has "“One Institute, Two Stations and Three Centers", that is , Jiangsu Province Micro-pollution Clean Technology Institute; Academician Work Station and Post-Doctoral Research Station; National Enterprise Technology Center, Jiangsu Purification Engineering & Research Centre , Jiangsu Province Environmental air pollution (organic waste) Engineering Technology Center. It has undertaken and participated in the national, provincial, municipal scientific research projects, furthermore, it has continuous multi-party collaboration with Peking University, Nanjing University, the Eco-environment Research Center  and the Nano Institution(Suzhou)of Chinese academy of science. Till now, Sujing has achieved of 22 Number ones in China.   
    The main products include: Air cleaning equipment and systems, Bio- safety equipment and systems, Energy saving equipment and systems, Gas purification equipment and systems, Environmental testing equipment and systems and Marine special propulsion systems, etc.

    The products are applied widely in the strategic industries like new  information technology, energy-saving & environmental protection project , Biotechnology, aeronautics and aerospace, marine engineering and in industries which are closely linked to people's livelihood such as pharmaceutical , Chemical& metallurgical  and even food. The Core products are even provided services in Xichang, Jiuquan satellite launch bases, Chang'e-1 lunar probe projects, Shenzhou 7 manned spacecraft and Three Gorges Project

    The brand of "Sujing" is well known in china .The products are not only sold well in domestic market but also have been exported to more than 20 countries such as USA, Russian, Japan etc.

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